Cooling Tower Noise Retrofit

2022-06-09 09:49

With the rapid development of industry, construction and air-conditioning industry, cooling towers as water-saving equipment have been widely used, and cooling tower noise transformation has also been put on the agenda. The resulting cooling tower vibration noise has a serious impact on the environment. Especially in high-rise buildings and podiums, the hazards of vibration and noise of cooling towers are more prominent, and industry and civil disputes and contradictions continue to appear.

For the cooling tower noise caused by splashing water in the cooling tower, motors, fans, pumps and pipelines, we have accumulated quite mature governance experience and prevention measures, and achieved remarkable control effects. Cooling tower noise renovation, that is, the urban area environmental noise standard, has clear constraints and strict regulations on the cooling tower noise level of cooling tower manufacturers. Products exceeding the standard will be eliminated in the fierce industry competition; users and folks will verify the environmental impact after installation and use. There are rules to follow whether the interference exceeds the standard.

However, the transformation of various mechanical vibration cooling tower noises generated by cooling towers is not as intuitive as the appearance of cooling tower noises, and is easily ignored by people, and its harm is more concealed. Mechanical vibration propagates in all directions in the form of solid sound through the installation foundation and surrounding structures, which is potentially harmful to the structure. The surface of the structure will also generate secondary solid sound radiation, which intensifies the pollution of environmental noise. Obviously, it is urgent to transform the noise of cooling towers. A simple and effective method is isolation from the vibration transmission path.

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