LATINO is Cooling Tower Service Supplier

2022-03-22 09:43

Tianjin Latino Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a company jointly established by Latino and the core technical team from Belgium Harmon Group, specializing in the design and maintenance of the entire cooling tower, the supply of cooling tower components and water treatment filter materials, a global supply platform of one-stop technical services and solutions for farming, animal husbandry and breeding waste gas treatment. 


Tianjin's product system basically covers all categories in the field of cooling towers. The main products are: cooling towers, cooling tower spray fillers, water eliminators, spray systems, UPVC water distribution pipes, FRP pultruded profiles, grilles, air ducts, water treatment filter material, air purification filter material, etc. 

In addition, the entire design and construction team of Latino has rich project quality and management experience. For many years, it has been serving domestic and foreign petrochemical, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, medicine, rubber, aquaculture and other industries, contracting industrial towers and civil air-conditioning towers. 

With its high-quality, high-level and high credibility, the maintenance and renovation services of the company have been well received by users, and have established a long-term trustworthy and close cooperative partnership.

Elaborate design, excellent material selection and precise service. Latino has always been committed to providing domestic and foreign customers with a more sustainable and brand-new cooling tower overall solution and one-stop supply chain service, and strives to build a global cooling tower one-stop supply chain platform!

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