Fiberglass structural shapes
  • Cooling Tower FRP Parts

    Cooling Tower FRP Parts

    Cooling Tower FRP Parts included FRP round/square tubes,FRP rods,FRP I/H beam,FRP angles all kinds of FRP sections. All these FRP parts is made by fiber glass and resin with the extruding device. They could been used in the structure of the cooling tower. The advantage for FRP part is light weight, high strength, Corrosion resistant,Chemical resistant,Humidity resistant. Latino could supply what you need!

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    Cooling Tower FRP Casing

    Cooling Tower FRP Casing

    Cooling Tower FRP Casing is resin matrix materials with continuous pultruded process. It was devide into many types based on its shape and application. It always used as cooling tower outside panel, air inlet louver,and the roof、wall of the industrial warehouse. And it could be used about 20 years without personal damage.

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  • FRP Parts

    FRP Parts

    FRP part have a lot of kinds, such as FRP round pipe, FRP square tube,FRP rectangular pipe, glass FRP round bar, FRP H beam,FRP I beam, FRP recup and FRP angle profile, FRP fan deck, etc. The basic material for prodcuing FRP part is resin and fiber glass. So it is high temperature resistance, anti-corrosion, high strength,anti-acid and anti-alkali. FRP part is used as ladder material, structure for the cooling tower or other proper construction. For more details, please kindly contact us, our engineer could reply all your confusions.

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  • FRP Pultruded Sections

    FRP Pultruded Sections

    FRP Pultruded Section is the manufacturing process for producing the continuous lengths of reinforced polymer structural shapes with the constant cross-sections. The raw materials are a mixed liquid resin (including resin, fillers and specialized additives) with flexible textile reinforcing fibers. The process is pull these raw materials by a heated steel forming die using a special continuous pulling device. The FRP Pultruded Section are in continuous forms, such as the rolls of fiberglass mat and doffs of fiberglass roving. As the reinforcements are been saturated with the resin mixture in the resin bath and pulled through the die, the gelation, or hardening, of the resin is initiated by the heat from the die and a rigid, cured profile is formed that bsed on the shape of the die.

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  • Cooling Tower FRP Pipe

    Cooling Tower FRP Pipe

    Cooling Tower FRP Pipe is produced by FRP material with Pultrusion Process. The thichness and diameter can been customized according to the request. Cooling Tower FRP Pipe is widely used in the cooling tower( such as protective fence,handrails,ladders,supports,cable trays,pipe supports,construction of cooling towers,mobile towers,etc) and many other fields (such as the building materials, nursery stock support poles, tool handles, flag poles, tent poles, road marking poles and so on).

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