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    PP Net Fills

    PP Net Fills

    Five hazards of ammonia 1.High direct ammonia concentration will lead to low blood oxygen concentration and directly affect the growth and development of pigs. 2. Induce respiratory diseases. 3. Decreased intestinal function of Pig. 4. High ammonia concentration, corrosion of pig raising equipment 5. Affect people's health and cause complaints from residents near the pig farm. Recently , Our domestic Pig Farm Deodorization project are going.We Latino have lots of experience of Pig farm Deodorization can give you good support and reference.

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  • Natural Draft Cooling Tower Systems

    Natural Draft Cooling Tower Systems

    A cooling tower is a specialized heat exchanger in which air and water are brought into direct contact with each other in order to reduce the water's temperature. As this occurs, a small volume of water is evaporated, reducing the temperature of the water being circulated through the tower. Water, which has been heated by an industrial process or in an air-conditioning condenser, is pumped to the cooling tower through pipes. The water sprays through nozzles onto banks of material called "fill," which slows the flow of water through the cooling tower, and exposes as much water surface area as possible for maximum air-water contact. As the water flows through the cooling tower, it is exposed to air, which is being pulled through the tower by the electric motor-driven fan. When the water and air meet, a small amount of water is evaporated, creating a cooling action. The cooled water is then pumped back to the condenser or process equipment where it absorbs heat. It will then be pumped back to the cooling tower to be cooled once again. Cooling Tower Fundamentals provides a level of basic cooling tower knowledge and is a great resource for those wanting to learn more.

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  • air inlet louver

    air inlet louver

    The fill is the most important part of the cooling tower, and its efficiency depends on the degree of sufficient contact between the cooling water and the air in the fill. The filler has a temperature resistance of 50°C to 68°C, aging resistance, excellent performance, UV resistance and long service life.

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  • cooling tower black drift eliminator

    cooling tower black drift eliminator

    This Cooling Tower Net Fills have been specially designed for medium to strongly polluted cooling water, the focus of the development being on a high stability as well as on easy and economical installation. Therefore these fills are built from mechanically joint grids and are easily cleaned. The cooling tower fill packings are high-performance fills which provide an optimized pressure drop. We offer a unique flexibility in measures for this fill type.

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