Cooling Tower Water Distribution

Cooling tower water distribution is made from the high quality corrosion resistant resin and continuous fiber winding.

For its producing process, glass roving, soaking by low viscosity with the strong adhesive bonding resin,wind around the mould at the preset angle and layers. It has to been cured,released from the mould and then processed.

Corrosion resistance, high endurance, light weight and high strength.

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Cooling Tower Water Distribution

Cooling tower water distribution pipe is non-toxic,no pollution and corrossion-resistant.application pplication temperature is not more than 40 degrees (cold water pipe). The diameter of pipe is 25-5000mm .the common application engineering of UPVC pipe iswaterworks, electrical, construction, ground water, telephone, well drlling, salt water, gas supply, chenmical factory, paper mill, acidifying&fermenting plant, electroplating groend, agricultual plant, mining plant, free way, golf course engineering, fishery use for plastic raft.

Specification for cooling tower water distribution:

   Diameter Range: 25mm - 5000mm 
   Rated Pressure Range: ≤ 25MPa
   Max. Operating Temperature: 110℃

FRP winding pipe

GRP pipe

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