Manufacturer of OEM Super Low Noise Mini Steel Cooling Tower

Closed cooling tower is a heat exchanger between air and water/process fluid, and it can reduce the circulating water/process fluid temperature in heat exchange coil.
Closed cooling tower can be widely used to different fields of industry and HVAC.
Different applications need different types closed cooling tower, such as crossflow type and counterflow type.

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Manufacturer of OEM Super Low Noise Mini Steel Cooling Tower 


New counter flow square type cooling tower is available in capacity for single cell from 40 tons to 1000 tons, various modular combinations of cooling towers are designed to meet different requirements. This type of cooling tower is mainly used in heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and light to medium processing applications.


High Efficiency and Energy Saving


New counter flow square type using excellent quality PVC film as thermal interface material, corrosion resistant, no deformation, curved and diagonal design film effectively prolongs exchange time between high temperature water and air inside cooling tower, which makes air flow smoothly and resistance lower, meanwhile, making the water drift ratio lowest, furthermore, the axial and arc fan, specially designed basin with evenly distributed waterstoma, which highly improved heat exchange rate of cooling tower and lower the entire cooling tower's energy consumption and noise.


Excellent Design and Long lifetime


The shell of cooling tower adopts high quality and toughness glass fiber, beautiful shape, resistants to natural factors and chemical material erosion, looks brand new even after long time use. All the steel shelves are processed by immersive hot galvanized zinc and comply with British BSEN ISO1461:1999 standard, reducing the oxidation mostly, prolong the service life.


Easy Installation, Reasonable and Practical Usage


Counter flow square type cooling towers can be paralleled for multi-units, flexible combination, widely used. The body structure is tidy, standardized, compact and strong, which is easy for installation. The design and manufacture are all on basis of practical uses, so it can meet customers' requirement better with high quality.


Components Instruction Infill


Specially designed S shape PVC infill is vacuum formed of 0.3 thickness or more thicker PVC film with excellent chemical and high distortion resistance, big coefficient of heat transfer, small wind resistance, high ventilation performance. We have different materials like PVC, UPVC, and PP to suit different water temperature.


Drift Eliminator


The cooling tower used easy installed PVC material drift eliminator to prevent water from splashing out of the cooling tower.


Air Inlet Louver


The air inlet louver is used of F.R.P parts which makes the long life of the whole cooling tower. For sewage water cooling tower, we will use different type of the air inlet louver to meet customers' requirements.


Distribution Nozzles


The distribution nozzles used high quality A.B.S / PP material, easy to installed on the water pipe and make sure the water splashed evenly on the infill.


Steel Structure


Hop-dip galvanized steel framework to keep the cooling tower great performance and long lifespan, good anti-corrosion, guarantee the use of more than 15 years. Stainless steel hardware parts are also available for options if somewhere special condition needed.


Sea Water Solution


LATINO cooling tower also provide special solution for sea water application which is suite for sea side industrial project will use sea water as cooling media. Please contact your related sales manager for more details.


Round Cooling Tower

Latino's cooling tower project:

FRP Cooling Tower

Tianjin LATINO Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. are on the base of high quality, good service, we win good reputation in the cooling tower industry. We help our customers better to get cooling tower products from China.We specialized in manufacturing various cooling tower and cooling tower parts. Latino’s cooling tower products is being used widely around the world. Our business involve in Italy, Germany, Australia, UK, Indonesia, Thailand, Belgium, France, Poland, India, Malaysia, Singapore and New Zealand, etc..


Latino has a high quality team of talents. Team members are young and energetic, with a sense of innovation and the courage to meet all challenges.Team members develop and practice the new e-marketing mode, follow consumer demand, provide customers high quality cooling tower, cooling tower parts and cooling tower services.


LATINO has an experienced team in quality and project implement to support the purchasing all activities of overseas customers; Latino's main products are cooling tower parts, such as cooling tower Film Fill, drift eliminator and spray system, UPVC distribution pipes, FPR winding pipe, FRP profile parts,FRP gratings, Fan stack, band & clamp, etc.; Our product are approved by CTI and we have our own patent .


Latino has the largest capacity and works with the recognized brands of cooling tower in the world, our team have rich experience in oversea projects.we were your colleague, knowing your care, your culture and your requirements.So we make it easy for you to purchase high quality and good value internal plastic parts of cooling tower in China.


Latino's cooling tower fill has been verified by actual operation for more than ten years. It is very reliable and efficient. You can rely on us to complete a successful project while reducing your total project costs!

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