Condenser Spray Nozzles For Cooling Tower

Latino's cooling tower nozzles ensure hot water distribution is uniform over the cooling tower fill blocks. These cooling tower nozzles are high-temperature resistant and non-clogging designed. Removing and replacing is relatively simple and does not need to stop the regular work for the cooling tower.

Uniform distribution of water is the main factor for maintaining the cooling tower efficiency.

This cooling tower nozzle is assebled by nozzle body、adaptor and orifice. All these three components are made from PP material. You could choose the suitable orifice depend on requirement.

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Condenser Spray Nozzles For Cooling Tower

Condenser Spray Nozzles For Cooling Tower is an efficient, non-clogging nozzle designed specifically for all counterflow cooling tower applications.


The design for this cooling tower nozzle provides excellent flow characteristics and a very uniform spray pattern, enhancing the cooling tower’s thermal performance. The unique color coding system allows for easy identification of the correct orifice size, from .75″ to 1.5″.


This cooling tower nozzle is easily installed. It attaches to the distribution lateral with a PVC adapter using standard 2″ NPT threads. And the 2″ threads are available on request. The nozzle can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement.

This Cooling Towers nozzle is manufactured of inert high strength injection molded polypropylene for outstanding corrosion resistance. Gusseted teeth enhance the cooling tower nozzle’s strength. Plus, the bottom plate locks into place for additional security.


Specification for the cooling tower water spray nozzle:

Nozzle Body: Standard

Nozzle/Orifice: Dia.10-39mm

Adaptor: Dia.150/200/250/300 mm and flat

Nozzle Ring Extention: L140 mm/ L 200 mm

Working Temperature:


The max. water temperature: 80℃

On- site installation:

Stainless steel screw fastening


Cooling tower nozzle

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