Cooling Tower Eliminator with new raw material

Cooling Tower Eliminator with new raw material is a Demisting device, which is used in remove numbers of small droplets drift from hot & humid air.
Meanwhile, to avoid of the pollution of water mist on the surrounding environment and ice. It was widely used in domestic power plants,steel mills,oil chemical industry, such as mechanical ventilation and natural ventilation cooling tower.

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Cooling Tower Eliminator with new raw material 

Cooling tower eliminator is a high efficiency cellular cooling tower drift eliminator for the counter-flow cooling tower applications. It is manufactured from rigid, corrugated PVC sheets resistant to UV, rot, fungi, bacteria, organic/inorganic solvents, acids, alkalis, and chemicals which are normally found in cooling tower waters.

This cooling tower eliminator are fabricated in a 5-1/2" depth, up to 24" width and in lengths to 12'-0". Custom dimension modules and thickness are available upon request.

*  Multi-Pass High Efficient Drift Rate (.001%)

*  Solvent Welded for Maximum Strength and Pack Integrity

*  Design For The Counterflow and Force Draft Applications

*  Material Complies with Cooling Technology Institute Standard 136

*  Available in PVC or HPVC Material

This type cooling tower eliminator can be used to reduce carryover from cross-flow and counter-flow cooling towers, evaporative condensers, coolers, quench towers, or any other tower where drift is a problem.

drift eliminator

mist eliminator

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