Cooling Tower Winding Wall

Cooling tower winding wall is produced by the alkali free glass fiber felt, reinforced polyester resin and imported high-performance anti-aging film (or gel) and additives and other materials, mechanized continuous forming of a daylighting products.

It is widly used as the panel and air inlet louver in the cooling tower.

And it could be used about 20 years without personal damage.

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Cooling Tower Winding Wall

The cooling tower winding wall, also called the cooling tower FRP casing is a commonly overlooked and under appreciated component of the counter-flow cooling tower. The cooling tower casing is an important structure that keeps water within the confines of the cold water collection basin.


This cooling tower FRP casing is made by fire retardant corrugated Panel with the fiberglass reinforced polyester. They provide excellent resistance against harsh and corrosive environments. The cooling tower FRP panels maintain their physical properties and appearance in industrial applications.

Material:M-phthalate polyester

Density:G/CM3 1.5

Tensile strength:100Mpa

Bending strength:160Mpa

Hot sale type as followings:

FRP pultruded profiles

Producing picture


FRP pultruded profiles


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Cooling tower FRP Casing


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FRP pultruded profiles

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