PVC Air Inlet Louvers For Cooling Towers

This Cooling Tower Air Inlet Louvers is made from PVC material. It is designed to remove the maximum water droplets from air stream efficiently, with the minimum pressure drop, and so it could reduce the fan power requirement.

It could been installed with or without the frame according to your usage.

The main advantages for this air inlet is light weight with competitive price.

  • 500 cubic meter one day
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PVC Air Inlet Louvers For Cooling Towers 

Cooling tower air Inlet Louvers prohibits the light of the sun from entering the cooling tower basin. Installing air inlet louvers helps control the growth of algae. Controlling the light and limiting algae growth means lowering chemical costs.


Cooling tower air Inlet Louvers also help lower the amount of splash-out from the cooling tower. This reduces the amount of water and chemical needed to run the cooling tower efficiently. Also, you will experience easier basin access and removal.


Without proper care and maintenance the air inlet louvers in cooling towers with counterflow can sometimes become scaled. If this happens it reduces cooling tower efficiency.


Cooling tower air inlet louvers that are scaled lessen the air flow to the unit thus lessening the efficiency.

Thickness 〉0.4mm

Height: 400/500/600mm

Width: 65*2 stages

Length: Customized


All our cooling tower components are under 1 year warranty when deliver from our factory.


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