Spiral ABS Nozzle For Marley Cross Flow Cooling Tower
  • Spiral ABS Nozzle For Marley Cross Flow Cooling Tower
  • Spiral ABS Nozzle For Marley Cross Flow Cooling Tower
  • Spiral ABS Nozzle For Marley Cross Flow Cooling Tower
  • Spiral ABS Nozzle For Marley Cross Flow Cooling Tower
  • Spiral ABS Nozzle For Marley Cross Flow Cooling Tower
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Spiral ABS Nozzle For Marley Cross Flow Cooling Tower


Product origin CHINA

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Supply capacity 3000 PCS ONE DAY

The counterflow sprayer is an injection molded ABS spiral target nozzle, assembled by two parts-the main body and orifice cap. It is used in the crossflow cooling tower.

The uniform water distribution is the main factor for maintaining cooling tower efficiency. Latino's spiral target spray nozzles ensure hot water distribute uniformly to the fill blocks. This nozzle are high-temperature resistant and non-clogging designed.

Easy for installing、removing and replacing.


Spiral ABS Nozzle For Marley Cross Flow Cooling Tower

Crossflow sprayerSpiral ABS Nozzle For Marley Cross Flow Cooling Tower

Material: ABS

Method of assembly: Rubber clamping

This Crossflow Spiral ABS Nozzle For Cooling Tower  is available in 13mm, 17mm, 26mm and 19mm This amount of flexibility allows for a wide raCrossflow Spiral ABS Nozzle For Cooling Tower nge of adjustment in water flow rates and basin water levels.

The Spiral Target cooling tower nozzle is available in three lengths. The 2.625 nozzle is used on wood, steel, and fiberglass cooling towers where basin support structure does not obstruct the release of water. The 4.875 nozzle is used on larger industrial wood and concrete cooling towers and on applications where clogging might be a concern. The 6.875 nozzle is used on towers where the release of the water has to clear obstructions within the tower structure.

In every application the crossflow cooling tower nozzle should be located at the correct distance above the top of the cooling tower fill to obtain maximum water distribution over the fill area.

Characteristics For Crossflow Cooling Tower Nozzle

1. Low water pressure, non-clogging design

2. High efficiency

3. Maintenance-free

4. Uniformly distribution of water


ABS Spray nozzle

ABS Spray nozzle

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10 years cooling tower project revisiting from Latino
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