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  • 2611-2020

    Cooling Tower PP Spray Nozzles

    Cooling Towers nozzle is an efficient, non-clogging nozzle designed specifically for all counterflow cooling tower applications.   The design for this cooling tower nozzle provides excellent flow characteristics and a very uniform spray pattern, enhancing the cooling tower’s thermal performance. The unique color coding system allows for easy identification of the correct orifice size, from .75″ to 1.5″.

  • 2411-2020

    Cooldrop fill for sea water cooling towers

    Splash grid fill for cooling tower Available size: 955 (length)* 705 (width) mm 705 (length)* 705 (width) mm 705 (length)* 255 (width) mm All the accessories can also be provided.

  • 2311-2020

    Non-glued Cooling Tower Net Fills

    They will be used in 6 sets of cooling tower . This Cooling Tower Net Fills have been specially designed for medium to strongly polluted cooling water, the focus of the development being on a high stability as well as on easy and economical installation. Therefore these fills are built from mechanically joint grids and are easily cleaned. The cooling tower fill packings are high-performance fills which provide an optimized pressure drop. We offer a unique flexibility in measures for this fill type.

  • 2011-2020

    Splash grid fill for hamon cooling tower

    Splash grid fill for cooling tower Available size: 955 (length)* 705 (width) mm 705 (length)* 705 (width) mm 705 (length)* 255 (width) mm All the accessories can also be provided.

  • 1111-2020

    Oil Water Separator PP Multi-layer Filter Block

    When certain materials are placed in the wastewater flow, removal efficiencies of oil increase due to impingement on their surface. Plastic media is particularly effective because of its oleophilic (oil attracting) characteristics. As fine oil droplets impinge upon or pass close to the plastic surface, they are attracted to it and adhere. Additional droplets continue to be attracted and coalesce or merge with previous droplets to produce much larger droplets. At a point, the droplets are large enough to break free and rise rapidly to the surface where they are skimmed or decanted. This coalescing action allows removal of smaller droplets than is possible with a straight gravity separator.

  • 0211-2020

    Round Cooling Tower PVC Fill Replacement

    PVC Fill For Round Cooling Tower is heat-elimination in the cooling towers. It is a crucial component in the exchange of waterflow and gasflow process in the cooling tower. The PVC Fill For Round Cooling Tower is manufactured from PP or PVC sheets which are solvent-welded for maximum strength and resistance to organic and inorganic solvents, rot, fungus, UV, alkalis, acids and chemicals that are usually present in water. The PVC Fill For Round Cooling Tower has a unique design for counterflow round type cooling tower which is its most popular heat eliminating medium.

  • 2910-2020

    PVC/PP Tube Settler Lamella

    It used in deposition and discharging sand. Recently, it is very popular in the drain aging project. With widely applicability, high efficiency, small proportion, it is very suitable not only in discharge, deposition of water from daily life and industry ,isolation of oil., but also in the project which is being constructing, re-construction of project.

  • 0511-2020

    PP Drift Eliminators For Cooling Towers

    LATINO’s drift eliminators are specifically designed to achieve maximum drift removal efficiency in both crossflow and counterflow tower applications with various product options available to minimize pressure drop, drift loss, cost, or a combination of all three.

  • 2310-2020

    Plastic Random Packing

    Plastic Random Packing added cone-shaped flanging at one edge. So it reduced the resistance when air pass through bed layer, and increased voidage. The height/diameter ratio of the plastic cascade ring packing is 0.5 which is only half that of the known plastic packing Pall Ring, Plastic Cascade Mini Ring can be installed in a tower that tends to orient in a more structured way such that its inner surface could be more efficient.

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