Cooling towers play a major role across industries. The design of many older cooling towers is such that significant improvements in thermal performance are possible. For many process and power plants a significant limiting factor to production throughput is the re-cooled water temperature exiting from their cooling towers.


Cooler re-cooled water temperatures however equate to better vacuums and higher heat rejection rates which consequently require less energy to run condensers, compressors etc. This simple but often overlooked piece of equipment can therefore directly contribute to higher production output, reduced operating costs and a lower carbon footprint.


Latino provides a range of fan equipment for both cooling towers and air fin coolers. Our team has extensive experience in the selection of suitable fan equipment for your cooling applications, whether its simply for spares or for complete retrofits. Furthermore we can assist with optimising your cooling system to ensure maximum energy efficiency thereby reducing on-going operational costs.

Cooling tower fan

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