How To Install The Cooling Tower Fill For People Who Deal With It First Time?


When you received the cooling tower fills, you may doubt how to install them properly. Improper installation may cause cooling tower fill damage and low cooling efficiency of cooling tower, just install as the following steps and complete the installation fast and effective.


Preparing Working


1. Before installation for the cooling tower fill, you need to turn off the motor power of the cooling tower for safe installation.


2. Then take proper protection measure to the other equipment including isolation and lining.


3. Lay the waterproof construction cloth on the ground.


4.Install the cooling tower fills




There are two types of replacement method of cooling tower fills: hanging type and support grid type.


Hanging type


Check and ensure the parameter of cooling tower fills, including aperture size, aperture pitch and distance from upper edge to the hole center. Incorrect parameters may cause the false installation.


Hang the cooling tower fill packs onto the steel tube in the cooling tower in turn.


Support grid type


Bonding the cooling tower fill sheets into specified sizes of cooling tower fill blocks on the construction site. When bonding, you should make sure that the pressure onto the packing sheet is even and leave the full curing time. Make sure the filler contact point are in the same water level and have same adhesive space.


Clean cooling tower. Clean up the dust and garbage in the internal of cooling tower.


Install the support grid.


Install the cooling tower fills. The installation of cooling tower fills should conduct as schedule and adopts partition installation method. Smooth and tidy placement as designed arrangement. For the corner and other irregular area installation, you should cut the blocks according to the actual boundary conditions. All the placement should be tidy, tight and without gaps.


Clean the remaining debris between the cooling tower fill blocks and on the layers to ensure all positions are clean and without any debris.


Install the rare layers of cooling tower fills. Until all the cooling tower fills are installed. Clean the debris after each layer of fills is installed to guarantee the best efficiency of cooling tower fills.

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